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“Anything in life can be a grind if you let it, if you’re soft between the ears. You get to play in the NHL and you get to play every day, I don’t know how bad that can be. I don’t know where the grind is.

“Let’s just get ready to go. We got Toronto in our building (on Tuesday) and we need something positive. I think it’s real important as a group, you got to stay together and each guy’s got to bring his personal best each and every night.”

—Red Wings coach Mike Babcock, to


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“This is Detroit, that’s what we do here, we get into the playoffs. It’s been like that for 22 years, and we’re looking to get the 23rd here. We have nothing else in mind than to be in the playoffs once the regular season is over.”

Gustav Nyquist, speaking to

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“We think Howie is a star and we expect him to be that each and every night. All you have to do is look at our team record and it hasn’t gone as good for him. The puck can’t keep going into the net.”

—Coach Mike Babcock, on struggling goalie Jimmy Howard, who didn’t start on Sunday in Buffalo.

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“We were rolling along, winning, Smitty got hurt, and we didn’t win. Now you can say, ‘Oh, Big E was out and Mule was out.’ But it just goes to show you: Your back end has got to be able to move the puck for you. Smitty can move the puck.”

—coach Mike Babcock, on the “coincidence” that the last time the Red Wings won, was also Brendan Smith’s last game played before a separated shoulder stymied him.

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“This is the situation here — we have too many right wingers. We’re not giving (Tootoo) a fair opportunity. He’s done nothing wrong. He’s played hard, he’s been a good teammate. All those things. We’ll see what happens. If Toots can get himself a place to play, that he gets to play every night, that’d be fantastic. And good for him.”

—Mike Babcock on the waiving of RW Jordin Tootoo