Alfie Done

Looks like Daniel Alfredsson is about to retire. No surprise here but had he been able to play, the Red Wings would have been a better team this season. Here’s more from Bleacher Report:

Dreger Report: Alfredsson’s comeback bid about to end

Three weeks shy of his 42nd birthday, Daniel Alfredsson’s comeback bid is about to end.

Sources tell The Dreger Report that Alfredsson has decided not to play this season and while the Red Wings have been informed he is likely done, they have not heard directly from Alfredsson.

Alfredsson has been plagued by an injured disc in his back over the past few years, a lingering problem that he is able to manage off ice, but is continually aggravated by the wear and tear of game action.

The veteran forward, regarded as one of the NHL’s most respected leaders, earned his place among the game’s top two-way forwards based on a relentless work ethic combined with a creativity that produced 444 goals and 713 assists for a total of 1,157 points in 1,246 NHL games.

Alfredsson, a sixth-round pick of the Ottawa Senators, spent 17 seasons in Ottawa, 14 as captain. He was a community leader, a tireless supporter of local charities and to many the identity of a Senators team that enjoyed many successful seasons, including a trip to the Stanley Cup Final in 2007.

Following a lengthy contract dispute, Alfredsson left the nation’s capital in July of 2013 to join the Detroit Red Wings – an emotional decision that leaves some to question how his place in Ottawa Senators history will be recognized and when.

It seems fitting the Senators will play a key role in Alfredsson’s announcement, as well as his future in the game.

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