Game 20: Red Wings-Washington

Thank goodness for Google Images, because without it, I don’t know if you would believe what you’re about to read.

The Washington Capitals visit the Red Wings tonight, and as I always do the day of a Red Wings game, I like to post something nostalgic about the opponents—a video, a photo, etc.

Today I must explain what you are about to see.

In October 1974, my folks took us to a Red Wings game. The opponents were the expansion Washington Capitals. The same Caps team that would win only eight games in their maiden season.

So the ice is resurfaced before the game and the door at the end of the rink opposite our seats opens, and here come the Capitals, skating onto the ice.

The jeers and hoots and hollers began immediately. Even as an 11-year-old, I knew that it was not your usual fan reaction to the other guys coming onto the ice.

The reason was obvious. The Capitals were wearing white pants.

WHITE pants!

I don’t know if any NHL team had ever worn white pants before, but certainly it hadn’t happened for a very long time, if at all.

Thanks to Google Images, here’s what the uniform looked like, with the white pants:

Capitals White pants

Now, imagine 20 of these guys skating onto the ice.

I will never, and I mean never, forget that crowd reaction when the Capitals emerged that evening.

And, thanks to Google, I can share it with you, some 39 years later.


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