Spotlight on the Opponent: Bryan Little


So who is Bryan Little and why haven’t you heard of him?

Little, 26, is a RW for the Winnipeg Jets, but you’d never know it if you live outside of Winnipeg.

That’s because Little is one of the Jets’ holdovers from the franchise’s days in Atlanta—that hockey hotbed!

But Little actually scored 31 goals one year for the defunct Thrashers (in 2008-09) and tallied 24 markers two years ago, in the first year of the move to Winnipeg.

Little only scored seven goals in 2013’s lockout year, but he’s back to his scoring ways, leading the Jets, Part II with a 7/4/11 line, matching last season’s goal-scoring output after just 15 games.

So far, Little is giving the Jets a good return on their 5-year, $23.5 million investment on him, signed by Little in July.

Little turns 26 next week, so his future is definitely bright. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said, necessarily, about his team. The Jets (5-8-2) are struggling, yet again.

Little has been efficient this season, more than he’s ever been. His shooting percentage is over 23% (7 goals, 30 SOG). He’s been the team’s most consistent scorer on the PP, dating back to the Thrasher days, registering 26 PPG over the past five seasons.

Little wears no. 18 for the Jets.

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